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Seniors Awards Night 2022

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The Balcatta Volleyball Awards night was held on Saturday 1st October with a Spring Fling theme! Thanks to everyone involved for a fantastic night!

Balcatta Volleyball Club Divisions Award Winners:

Div6 Men. Did not make finals but had a great season
: Chelsea Forrest
Div6 Mens MVP: Joel Bendotti (also VWA MVP finalist)
Div6 Mens Coaches Award: Chris Savage

Div5 Men. Did not make finals. Tough season for the team.
: Jessica Wong
Div5 Mens MVP: Max Scali
Div5 Mens Coaches Award: Daniel Hugo

Div4 Men. Eliminated in first round of finals
: Are Zuvela
Div4 Mens MVP: Axel Owen (also VWA MVP finalist)
Div4 Mens Coaches Award: Jaron Vandervinne

Div4 Women. Silver medal winners
: Yasir Makkaluawu and Harry Nguyen
Div4 Womens MVP: Alice Huynh-Tran
Div4 Womens Coaches Award: Nadia Nel

Div3 Men. Narrowly missed semi finals spot
Coach: Anthony Wah Day

Div3 Mens MVP: Joel Kanagalingam
Div3 Mens Coaches Award: Perth Sookwan

Div3 Women. Narrowly missed semi finals spot
: Damon Radburn
Div3 Womens MVP: Kate Field
Div3 Womens Coaches Award: Hanna Robinson

Div2 Men. Did not make semi finals. Tough season with players leaving including injuries.
: James Bourke
Div2 Mens MVP: Harry Nguyen
Div2 Mens Coaches Award: Anthony Wah Day

Div2 Women. Gold medal winners
: Michelle Hilbrands
Div2 Womens MVP: Caitlin Northmore (also finalist for VWA MVP)
Div2 Womens Coaches Award: Chloe Tarbox

Div1 Men. Did not make semi finals. Tough season for the team.
: Anthony Brown
Div1 Mens MVP: James Bourke
Div1 Mens Coaches Award: Dan Bendotti

Div1 Women. Silver medal winners
: Adilson SIlviera
Div1 Womens MVP: Amy Gilbert (also VWA MVP Finalist)
Div1 Womens Coaches Award: Chelsea Forrest

Balcatta Volleyball Club State League Award Winners:

State League Reserves Womens. Eliminated in Semi Final 1
: Kye Mclaren
Reserves Women MVP: Marie Claire Marsaa
Coaches Award: Olivia Botica

State League Reserves Men. Did not make semi finals
 Nick Terpsis
Reserves Men MVP: Luke McTaggart
Coaches Award: Jahuy Nguyen

State League Women. Gold medal winners!
Aaron Leung
League Womens MVP: Jackie Tamburri (also Cats MVP and VWA finalist for MVP)
Coaches Award: Mae Stoddart

State League Men. Did not make semi finals
3 key players left mid season. Tom Heptinstall to represent Australia. Luke Crutchley and Maksim Bakovic with contracts to play overseas.
: Mark Peterson
League Mens MVP: Mitch Lewington
Coaches Award: Jon Hunt


Balcatta Volleyball Club Award Winners:

Balcatta Volleyball Club Junior of the Year:
Caitlin Whincup (also VWA MVP finalist)

Balcatta Volleyball Club Official of the Year:
Oliver Guazzelli

Balcatta Volleyball Club Coach of the Year:
Aaron Leung (also VWA finalist for Club Coach of the Year)

Balcatta Volleyball Club Recognition Award winner:
Chris Savage

Balcatta Volleyball Club Person of the Year:
Yasir Makkulawu

Long time Balcatta Cats Member and previous President Mitchell Collins announced his retirement from volleyball. His presence will be missed but his legacy will live on.

Balcatta VB Oct 1 22 - R5026748-Edit.jpg

Balcatta Volleyball Club Long Service Recognition Pins

Balcatta VB Oct 1 22 - R5026783-Edit.jpg

20 Years
Nick Terpsis

10 Years
Goran Trpcevski

5 Years
Catharina Ma

5 Years
Jade Street

25 Years
Kamie Ang

5 Years
Jessica Wong

5 Years
Jackie Tamburri

5 Years
Yun Han Wong

Not present: 15 Years; Luke McTaggart, 5 Years; Luke Crutchley,Bailey Hislop

5 years (2021)
Seb Northnmore
Accepted by Dad Byron

Thanks to Matt Waltham and Sam Fazio for the photos!