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Grand Finals 2021!

Of the 8 division teams, 7 of them went into the semi finals and then 4 made it to the grand finals, a great result for those teams and the club as a whole!


Player/Coach Damon Radburn

Scott Patterson

Paul Tu

Harry Nguyen

Ari Zuvela

The Div4 team with player/coach Damon Radburn at the helm had a great tussle against Southern Cross to win their grand final. Cats won the first set but then gave SX a big lead in the 2nd and were unable to take that set back. Cats then won the 3rd set by a good margin. The 4th set was neck and neck with SX able to pickup a lot of our hits but we kept sending them.

I had the privilege of being on the bench for this game and I was impressed with Antonios game awareness and his passion.
Antonio did have some good jump serves early on but they became unreliable so switching his serves to increase his percentages was a huge help. He then had some good runs on serve and his confidence grew immeasurably. He was also on fire in front court banging almost any set that came his for a winner.

Congratulations Antonio (click for more info) for a fantastic debut season with the Cats! Your performance earned you the President's choice for player of the week/player of the grand finals!
Congratulations to Damon Radburn for taking on the player/coach role all the way to a championship in your debut coaching season also.

Watch the rather anticlimactic final point and celebrations here...
Full replay is available here.


Kirby Kershaw

Steven Waters

Jake Dimopolous

Dylan Almeida


Oliver Guazzelli

van Smaalen

The Div3 men only lost to one team all season, smashing every other opponent usually 3-0 or sometimes 3-1. Southern Cross were the only opponent of the same calibre. All season the focus was how to beat Southern Cross. Anthony Way Day was able to come onboard late in the season and help with coaching. Usual player/coach Layne van Smaalen was relieved to have the assistance from a dedicated coach on the sideline. The last few trainings of the season were entirely focused on adapting our game play, both defensive and offensive to better match up against Southern Cross and despite a great hard fought game were still unable to get the win.


Div1 women had great improvement in terms of skills and teamwork throughout the season. Due to lack of players, we were required to adjust the positions whilst facing some struggles we might’ve lost motivation. However, our development players helped us as well as the hard work and contribution from regular players to bring us a "never give up attitude" in the court in semi final and beat Reds that we haven't beaten. Also every single players fought really hard against ECU in grand final with no regrets. We had been some tough situations but that made us mentally stronger as an individual and a team.                      Coach Miyu

Serena Green

Xanadu Jaworska

Yerim Won


Catharina Ma

Maree Lam

Esther (De-rong) Chen

Miyu Udo

Camille De Los Santos

Julija Agulaite


Div 5 lost their first set by a fair amount but managed to pull themselves up and come back in the second set making it 1-1 but then lost the 3rd set, they were down by 9 points and managed to only just lose that set by a couple of points. Then in the 4th set they had a good start but then they had a single server take 9 points almost making us use both time outs on 1 person, uwa were on 21 points and we were on 14 we had a time out and i told them they need to go out there and give everything they have left not just what is left in the tank but the jerry cans too, they managed to go back out there and bring the points right back to 24-23 and all they needed was one point to tie it up but unfortunately they just lost the point but they really gave everything they had which made great volleyball to watch.                                                                                  Coach Damon.

Damon Radburn

Daniel Nesbitt

Rob Crutchley

Ivan Ng

Mitch Boorn

Shatish Nagulan

Andy Nguyen

Ewan Davidson

Yassir (Andi) Makkulawu

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