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Seniors Awards Night 2021

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Food by Mr Paella
Desserts by French Sweet

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The Balcatta Volleyball Awards night was held on Saturday night, 30th October with a Halloween theme! Thanks to everyone involved for a fantastic night!

Balcatta Volleyball Club Divisions Award Winners:

Div5 Mens Coach: Damon Radburn and Andy Nguyen
Div5 Mens MVP: Yasir Makkulawu
Div5 Mens Coaches Award: Andy Nguyen

Div4 Mens Coach (and player): Damon Radburn
Div4 Mens MVP: Ari Zuvela* (also VWA MVP for Div4)
Div4 Mens Coaches Award: Harry Nguyen

Div3 Mens Coach (and player):
Layne van Smaalen* (VWA MVP for Div3)
Assisted by Anthony Wah Day towards finals
Div3 Mens MVP: Dylan Almeida
Div3 Mens Coaches Award: Oliver Guazzelli

Div3 Womens Coach: Damon Radburn
Div3 Womens MVP: Samira Williams
Div3 Womens Coaches Award: Eugenie Sohun

Div2 Mens Coach: Luke Crutchley then Sam Timmerman
Div2 Mens MVP: Jarrad Turner
Div2 Mens Coaches Award: Jahuy Nguyen

Div2 Womens Coach: Misa Tagomori
Div2 Womens MVP: Mikayla Prentice
Div2 Womens Coaches Award: Esther (De-rong) Chen

Div1 Mens Coach: Kieren Cranley
Div1 Mens MVP: Jed Walker
Div1 Mens Coaches Award: Benjamin Ramsay

Div1 Womens Coach: Miyu Udo
Div1 Womens MVP: Sarah Cole-Bowen
Div1 Womens Coaches Award: Maree Lam

Balcatta Volleyball Club State League Award Winners:

State League Reserves Womens Coach: Hoson Chong
Reserves Women MVP: Marie Claire Marsaa
Coaches Award: Renata Kijak

State League Reserves Mens Coach
(and player sometimes) : Nick Terpsis
Reserves Men MVP: Kye Mclaren
Coaches Award: Kamie Ang

State League Womens Coach: Aaron Leung (and VWA Order or Merit recipient 2021)
League Womens MVP: Jackie Tamburri
Coaches Award: Taylah Howard

State League Mens Coach: Ryan Kennedy
League Mens MVP: Griffin Bateman
Coaches Award: Mitchell Collins


Balcatta Volleyball Club Award Winners:

Balcatta Volleyball Club Junior of the Year:
Amy Gilbert
Also VWA MVP for Div3

Balcatta Volleyball Club Coach of the Year:
Damon Radburn

Balcatta Volleyball Club Recognition Award winner:
Miyu Udo

Balcatta Volleyball Club Person of the Year:
Catharina Ma

Special appreciation acknowledgement to Suvas Lobo