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Results from Round 6, 12th June 2022
(and Player of the Week)

Round 6, 12th June SL+R Results.png
Round 6, 12th June Div Results.png

State League Men defeated Reds 3-1

Move up to 3rd spot

State League Women lost to Rossmoyne in 3 sets

Stay in 2nd spot

SLW were missing a few key players this week. (Primary setter Jackie away and two with Volleyroos in Thailand)

The team had help from SLR, we took a little time to settle in Set 1 and it got away from us. But set 2 and 3 were close where we had some leads and chances to win these sets but just succumbed to a little pressure at times.
All of the ladies stepped up without our setter and missing some regular passers, in particular Miyu playing out of position and doing a great job setting, and Chihiro who stepped out of her middle blocker role to pass and hit for us in the third.
The team are looking forward to some reinforcements for our home round vs SX next Saturday


State League Reserves Men defeated Mandurah in 5 sets

Move up one spot to 3rd

The SLR boys had a good 5 set win over Mandurah. The boys started well comfortably winning the first 2 sets. The boys took their foot of the accelerator and allowed Mandurah back into the contest taking it to a 5th set. The team stayed focused and with unstoppable hitting from our opposite Craig Sibbons we were able to get the much needed win.

State League Reserves Women defeated Red in 3 sets

Stay in 2nd spot

SlrW played the top team Reds with a back to back top of the table clash two weeks running. They began really well with a little slump of a few points but clawed back to take the lead with the highlight of their excellent defence which saw them win the Set 25-21. The second set was very much the same with excellent defence winning the second set 25-21 again. A little up and down in the third, and a few higher risk middles saw the girls up and down through the set but ended up winning the third 25-22. End result was 3-0 to Balcatta to stay in 2nd position a game behind Reds.

Division One Men defeated Murdoch 3 sets to 1

Move up 3 spots to 6th spot!

This week the team got off to a great start by dominating the offence with a mix of middle hits and fast outside plays. The first set was over fast at 25-19
We didn’t take the same momentum into the second set which allowed the opposition to gain confidence and take a lead. We put up a good fight to comeback but it was too little too late and we took a 23-25 loss.
The team didn’t make the same mistake in the 3rd. With the passes coming in on point, Richi was spoilt for set options and it showed with Captain James Bourke , Dan Bendotti and Cameron Loader unleashing kills from outside leading to a 25-18 win.
Murdoch was not going without a fight in the 4th. They came out hard and fast and took an early lead, and again we were playing catch up. Consistent kills from James got us back to even and both teams went point for point to 24 all. Hussle and determination got us the win at 26-24.
Best player was Captain James Bourke who held the team together with motivation and consistency while making over 20 kills during the match.

Division One Women defeated Mandurah in 3 sets

(25-17, 25-19,25-17)

Maintain top spot!

Div1 had no problem to win the match. With a great service, we got some free balls to hit and the Mandurah girls couldn't play the game. We still have some improvements to make in our game style so the points that we are losing will become less expressive to a point where the opponent will have to play harder and have no mistakes to win a match. Holly did a good job today, had a great service, pass and hit. She is still learning and soon will become a important player for Balcatta.

Division Two Men lost to Mandurah 0 sets to 3

Stay in 9th spot

Division Two Women defeated Murdoch 3 sets to 1

Move up to 4th spot

We were again short two players due to camps and covid but the girls came away with a 3-1 win. Jade did a great job filling in the middle again this week proving herself to be a valuable and versatile player. Our serving in the first set was first rate and the team took the set comfortably 25-15 with some outstanding serving by Caitlin. The second set i gave our Libero a rest and middles a chance to shine by staying on in backcourt with some excellent passing and defence from Chloe. It was great seeing our work at training paying off as the team transitioned well and made strong attacking plays off out of system balls. Unfortunately a few serving errors crept in and the set was much tighter but we got over the line 25-22. The third set we still played well but we lost a bit of focus at the end and when it really mattered we didn't have enough intention and drive for the ball. A couple of miscommunications at crucial points meant that we lost the set 25-23. The fourth set we regained our flow and really looked after the ball and trusted our team mates resulting in some great plays. It was a strong finish to the match which we took 25-19. So happy with the girls who have had to adapt every week to a different line-up due to illness etc and keep coming out with a positive attitude and great team spirit. It is wonderful seeing our work at training paying off and the improvement of the team every week.

Division Three Men defeated Murdoch in 5 sets

Move up 2 spots to #7We started the game playing very well in the first two sets and won a certain tranquillity first set 25x17 and the second set 25x20. However, in the third and fourth sets, we let our guard down the boys were sad and tired they started a sequence of small mistakes and managed to tie the game 22x25 and 13x25. In the fifth set we started losing by 0x7 but we managed to turn the game around Baz, Daniel and Damon did an excellent sequence of serves and we got the victory by 16x14.

Division Three Women lost to Mandurah in 3 sets

(4-25, 21-25, 11-25)

Stay in 6th spot

Div 3 womans had a tough game today against Mandurah who are top of the ladder and have only given up 3 sets for the season so far, the first set we went down 25-4 so during the break I discussed with them that this game would be a game for us to work in our mentality and motivation while playing a hard game, I wanted them to realise that not all games are easy and that this was a chance for us to work on our ability to keep our heads up and and not let our mentality drop which they all agreed was something that we needed to work on and unfortunately it's not something that can really be worked on at training so this was the best time for us to do it. The second set they all calmed down and relaxed and focused and had way more positive vibes and we managed to only lose the set by 4 points going 25-21 and they were all very proud, unfortunately Mandurah came out swinging in the next set and beat us 25-11, so unfortunately it was a 3 set wipe but they all kept their heads up and were proud with how they played, so hopefully next week we will be able to take that mentality and get a win 🏆

Division Four Men lost to Mandurah in 3 sets

Stay in 4th spot

First set they dominated the opposition with strong targeted serves to their weakest receivers forcing out of system plays that were easy to defend. Second set saw Mandurah fight back as the boys got too relaxed with their game and let many communication errors slip in resulting in a loss of 25-21. 3rd set was similar to second but they picked up their game taking the win. 4th was Mandurah back in the lead after a close fight (23-25) and finally unable to take the win in the 5th after a long fight ending at 18-20. Best player Jaron Vandervinne with incredible defence and consistent setting.

Division Four Women defeated Northern Stars Black in 3 sets

Maintain top spot

The girls started off the game incredibly strong with Hana serving 23 aces in a row, giving them a comfortable 25-4 win in the first set. The girls were more challenged in the second set, and found themselves in a tough 9-19 deficit. Once again, Hana came back to the serving line to dominate the game again, leading the girls to a 25-20 win in the second set. By the third set, Hana again gave the team a comfortable lead, allowing the girls to coast to a 25-14 win in the third set to take the game. Player of the match is evidently Hana with her consistent and dominant serving, always allowing her team to have the upper hand. Her reliability will help keep her team on top of the ladder.

Division Five Men defeated Murdoch 3-1

Move up 1 spot to 6th

Div 5 mens 3-1 vs murdoch Having main setter injured and Baz from div 3 step in setting, still need to build the connnection, but the team played very positive today. Had some serving errors, but also some descent hits, blockings and defence. Communication definitely improved.

Division Six Men lost to Northern Stars Black in 3 sets

Stay in 11th spot, bottom of the ladder :(

They started off really slow in the first set, not being able to switch on and falling 25-13 However they did switch on in the second set but still fell short 25-18, and a similar story for the third set, losing 25-16 A notable performance was Kyle Carvalho who scored a run of aces, but i would have to give player of the week to Joel Bendotti who kept the morale high and communication up even when things seemed not winnable The team did note afterwards that this game was their best game in terms of communication, calling ins-outs and for hits, and I can see that everyone is improving a lot week by week


Player of the Week.

Well done to State League Women players Miyu who stepped up to the setting role and Chihiro who became a passer hitter instead of middle blocker as the team struggles with absentees but things will be back to normal soon thankfully.

Craig Sibbons on Reserves Men helped with some unstoppable hitting in their win over Mandurah.

But this weeks player of the week goes to Hana in Division 4 womens team who had a serving streak of 23 aces in a row in their convincing win over Northern Stars Black.

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