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Results from 15th July 2022
(Friday games for divisions only)

Division One Men defeated Northern Stars 3-2

Division One Women defeated United 3-1 

Div 1 still short with athletes. Lost the first set trying to organise the team with 2 players from div 2. Second set only Bella from div 2 was playing to fill our absence. With a great effort of everyone we beat the 3rd position once again. Would like to mention Bella as POTW, lost counting how many blocks she did. Great posture in court.

Division Two Men Lost to Northern Stars 0-3

Division Two Women defeated Northern Stars 3-2

Although we were missing Chloe, we still managed to beat Freo 3-1. We lost the first set quite dramatically but won the next three quite easily. The serving was great as we barely made mistakes on that half, although the passing wasn’t as good as it usually is as they got most of their points from that. Nomination for best player: Sasha – great serving run which changed the game for us.

Division Three Men defeated Northern Stars 3-2

Division Three Women defeated Rossmoyne 3-0

Division Four Men lost to Murdoch 0-3

Division Four Women defeated ECU Blue 3-0

First game in a few weeks that we’ve had enough players to play with a libero and the girls crushed it First set was a slow start with everyone getting back into the groove of things, ended in a close-ish 25-20 win However, something must’ve clicked in the next two sets because the girls won 25-11 for both sets 2 and 3. Nearly every player had serve runs of multiple points and even though we were playing a team weaker than us, the girls didn’t get complacent and stayed focus the whole way through Strong performance from everyone and it’s hard to choose a stand out player when they all performed really well

Division Five Lost to Northern Stars 0-3


Division Six Men lost to Northern Stars 0-3

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