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Results from 8th July 2022
(Friday games for divisions only)

Division One Men defeated Fremantle 3-1

The boys came into the match fired up and thirsty for the win. This showed with an immediate lead and though Freo fought hard to catchup, we ended up taking the set 25-22 The second set was much like the first. Richis pinpoint setting and our strong offence was enough to take the set 25-20 The coach gave Captain James Bourke a rest in the 3rd. The guys played well but errors crept in the form of service errors and unforced net touches. The team went a bit quiet and lost the set 19-25 The team put a stopper on Freo’s comeback and with big hits from James and Dylan along with solid play from the entire team we took the 4th 25-14 Best player was James Bourke with a steady stream of kills and defensive ups.

Division One Women defeated Fremantle 3-1 

Maintain top spot!

With half of the team away, Sophie from SLR and Kate from div3 went to help us against Fremantle. Serving strategically we received a bunch of free balls and the girls had no problem to kill it. All the girls played very well. Sophie had a great back court moving fast and saving some balls and also some good pass. The POTW goes to Kate Field from div3. Amy and Holly mad some good points serving but I wasnt especting Kate doing it and she did, she was confortable in court, having some hits as well. She is defnetily more than welcome to play for div1 more times.

Division Two Men Lost to United 1-3

Division Two Women defeated Fremantle 3-1

Although we were missing Chloe, we still managed to beat Freo 3-1. We lost the first set quite dramatically but won the next three quite easily. The serving was great as we barely made mistakes on that half, although the passing wasn’t as good as it usually is as they got most of their points from that. Nomination for best player: Sasha – great serving run which changed the game for us.

Division Three Men defeated Southern Cross 3-0

Division Three Women defeated Fremantle 3-2

It was a tough fought game, especially with half the team being fill ins from Div 4. The team struggled to adjust to a new rotation, and was somewhat complacent going in considering the last time they faced off they won convincing 3-0, and ultimately fell short 25-18. The second set the girls woke up and took the set very convincingly with a 25-6 score line. A very strong performance from captain Ellie Le Messurier who took the girls from a 0-6 deficit to a 15-6 lead from her incredible serves and leadership on the court. The third set was another convincing win of 25-16 and the girls were very confident and motivated going into the next set. However, they grew complacent again and fought a hard set, ultimately losing 24-26 The girls rallied together in the final set to take the set and the game 15-11. MVP of the game is Captain Ellie Le Messurier who had a strong and consistent performance the whole game and she kept the morale up when the girls heads were dropping, a very strong leader

Coach Yasir

Division Four Men defeated Fremantle 3-0

Division Four Women Bye

Division Five Lost to ECU Blue 1-3


Division Six Men lost to ECU 0-3

Needed more momentum in the first set. The boys clearly used it as a warm up because they had to duty before hand. But then lost energy later in the game costing them the last set. The team has been struggling with injuries and sickness so only 4 of the players were of the original team- they still adapted very well.

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