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Results from Round 4,
May 29th 2022
(and Player of the Week)

State League Men (2-1) defeated UWA (3-0) 3-2

Move up to 3rd spot

The State League Men had a season defining win against the undefeated UWA team. The team got off to a slow start before regaining composure and losing a tight opening set 24-26. The second set was tight throughout and the boys just missed some opportunities at the wrong times, losing 22-25. The boys kept believing in each other and backed each other to keep pushing, turning the game around and breaking through to win the third 25-23. The fourth set was the Cats show, with great offence and hard working defence, winning the fourth 25-16. The fifth became a back and fourth affair, the boys dug deep and again trusted each other and managed to break through the wall winning the fifth 15-13. Coming back from 2 sets down is a mental battle and the boys showed great composure and commitment to the plan. Our leaders stood up today, Makism controlled our serve receive and defence (making some key moment digs) and Mitch Lewington delivered the ball effectively and creatively throughout the entire match. Also Gabby Abbot found his range and was a huge weapon for the team hitting out of opposite.

Coach Collins

State League Women (3-0) Bye Round

Drop to 2nd spot

State League Reserves Men (2-1) lost to ECU (1-1) 1-3

Drop to 4th spot


State League Reserves (2-1) Women defeated UWA (2-1) 3-1

Move to position #1

SlrW played UWA today as a top of the table clash. We started slow but came out with intent with some service pressure again being a strength of our game. First set began and we were behind a few points but we clawed our way back to win 25-17. In the Second set we dropped the ball a little with easy errors which caused us to drop the set 19-25. Third set we changed a few things and won the set 26-24. Fourth set we were back to our best taking it 25-20 to win 3-1 and take top spot on the ladder.

Division One Men (1-2) lost to ECU (1-3) 3-1

Drop to 7th Spot

This week the team arrived at Kingsway Indoor Stadium on a frosty Sunday morning. ECU came out strong in the 1st set and although we held score for the most part, we made mistakes at the end leading to a 18-25 loss.
Our team seemed to lose morale going into the 2nd set and remaining silent, lost too many points at the start to come back from, losing the set 17-25.
We started the 3rd set with more determination to make noise and communicate and so took an early lead that ECU could not come back from. Runs of points from outside hitter Dan Bendotti and sharp backrow hits from James Bourke attributed to a 25-20 win.
Unfortunately, the opposition upped their service game and we were unable to form an offence. With blockers camping on our outside hitters we just could not convert enough points. This and passing mistakes saw us take a loss in the 4th set 17-25.

Division One Women (3-0) defeated ECU (1-2) 3-2

Drop to 2nd spot

We started with a comfortable 7 points ahead but let them get stronger as the set was ending. The next 2 sets we kept the same rotation thinking that the problem could be solved just fixing the mistakes but ECU was strong in their defence and a consistent hitting. Fourth set we changed our rotation trying our best to keep our team together and strong. We knew we were running out of time and the tiebreak was going to be decided by two points since the beginning. We got the first point but point by point we end up winning only in the fifth point. We had some good fight during the game but without our good passing the victory wouldn't be possible.

Division Two Men (1-2) lost to ECU (3-0) 0-3

Drop to 8th spot

A lot of positives to take out of the game, the main thing that let us down was serve receives. Had a fairly solid defence against a strong attack that lead to some great rallies. Once we sort our passes out and are able to run more middles, the div 2 boys will be a force to be reckoned with!

Division Two Women (2-1)  lost to ECU (2-1) 3-1

Drop to 6th spot

We were down 2 players due to exams so had to alter our rotation but the team adapted well. We started a bit slow but showed fantastic fight at the end of the first set to come from 16-22 down to lose the set 23-25. We took that momentum into the second set and took the set convincingly with some strong hitting and a reduction in our errors. The third set started poorly with us not being able to side out and giving ECU an 8-1 lead which we were not able to claw back even though the team was passing and defending really well. A few lapses in concentration for us in the fourth set and an opposition that was building their momentum made the fourth set difficult. We just couldn't stabilise our play to get on top and ended up losing the game 3-1. Lots to learn and take out of this match though. There is time to build our confidence and unity as a team as we head into the middle section of the season.

Division Three Men (1-2) lost to ECU (3-0) 0-3

Drop to 9th spot

A lot of positives to take out of the game, the main thing that let us down was serve receives. Had a fairly solid defence against a strong attack. We lost a lot of loot throughout the match and couldn't put together point sequences due mainly to miscommunication during rallie. The good thing about this game going forward is that we will continue to grow and improve as a team and our success is in our control.

Division Three Women (2-1) lost to ECU (3-0) 1-3

Drop to 6th spot

The whole team played really well, unfortunately ECU just played better volleyball. We were the first team to take a set from ECU this season, winning the second set by nearly double, however we just couldn’t match their skill level.

Division Four Men (3-0) lost to ECU (3-0) 1- 2

Drop to 3rd Spot

Tough game for the boys this week, a fact they knew going into this match after watching some of their gameplay beforehand. First set they dominated with Axel starting the game with a 6 serve run including multiple aces, a number of great sets passes and hits from all players in this first set (25-20). Second set was different with ECU taking and holding an early lead as the boys struggled to claw back at early lost points. Third set was a tough fight as well with it becoming a game of attrition as they began to tire and let mistakes come into their game. Fourth set was ended short unfortunately with a score of 24-23 (to ecu) due to time resulting in the loss. Over all an incredible game from the team everyone played very well, some phenomenal rally’s from both sides. I think it’s a game we will take next time as we had a few players out at training leaving them a little rusty when it came to play. POTW Axel Owen had an incredible game with numberless 5+ service runs and many aces along with consistent hitting and passing was a reliable cornerstone of the team.

Division Four Women (2-0) defeated UWA (0-3)

Maintain top spot

Div 4 women had a comfortable 3-0 win against UWA. The girls are showing improvement each week as everyone is becoming more accustomed to their positions and team members. I'm looking forward to seeing their development throughout the rest of the season.

Division Five Men(1-2) lost to ECU Red (3-0) 2-3

Drop to 6th spot

Facing an undefeated ECU Red team the Balcatta team, within fillin Coach Layne, dropped the first 2 sets but were definitely improving. Facing an embarassing 3-0 loss the team rallied and took the 3rd set. They were down early in the 4th but again refocused and took the 4th set also. Unfortunately time ran out to complete the 5th set so with a score line of 3-8 they were unable to full of the victory.

Division Six Men (0-2) lost to ECU (1-2) 0-3

Stay in 11th spot, bottom of the ladder :(

Not the best game they’ve played. Lacking a bit of urgency on the court that cost us the game today. They are slowly but steadily understanding the positions they should be in at different points of play but having so many new volleyball players it will be a massive learning curve and hopefully that penny drops soon!


Player of the Week.

Some great performances from players across the teams this weekend. Dan Bendotti on Div1 had a strong of kills and lots of solid defense, Harry on Div 2 had some solid passing and and great attacks against  some tall blocks with lots of tools off the blockers hands. Lucrezia from Div2 women in her first year in seniors, moving up from juniors had some fantastic passes from the Libero position, keeping the ball in play for the team to make an attack. Hana from Div 4 women also impressed with some great runs of server that kep the team in a dominant position.

But the player of the week goes to Vienn, the Libero on Div 1 women for her consistency and also for helping keep the team together during the sets where they were behind.

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