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Results from Round 8, 26th June 2022
(and Player of the Week)

Round 8,26th June SL+R Results.png
Round 8, 26th June div results.png

State League Men Lost to ECU 0-3

Drop one spot to 3rd

With a few key players missing the State League boys had a tough challenge ahead against ECU at home. A close first set was lost and an even closer second set followed with the boys narrowly missing out. Unfortunately the 3-0 loss didn’t reflect some of the strong plays by the team and the go 5-2 win loss ratio halfway through the season. Looking forward to an even stronger second half as we start targeting finals.

State League Women defeated Southern Cross 3-0

Stay in 2nd spot

SLW did it in 3 again today, but vs bottom team so not a lot to say. Mae Stoddard had another stand out game in the middle with big presence on both offence and block. Yun Han Wong again showed her flexibility playing as opposite and having an impact in another different role. We look forward to a big double header against the other two top 3 teams next weekend to finish the first half of our season strongly.

State League Reserves Men lost to Reds 0-3

Drop to 7th spot

The SLR men had a hard fought loss against the league leaders. It was a great effort with the team missing 4 players through injury, Covid and holidays. The middles stepped up and played all the way around putting in a great performance. While Jahuy and Craig played out of position as passer hitters. Strong defence and smart hitting keep us in the game but unfortunately well fell short in three tight sets. Special thanks to Todd our assistant coach stepping up to set for the team.

State League Reserves Women defeated ECU 3-1

Move to 2nd spot

SlrW played ecu who are a notorious team for out of system play. We did not receive a proper warm up so this threw our mental states out a little but never the less the girls came out and did their thing. Throughout the whole game our energy was a little down but we held strong for the first two sets both being close (25-23, 26-24). 3rd set was another close one with the girls just making little errors at wrong times which caused them to lose the set 22-25. 4th set came and we got into a rut and were down 24-18 looking like we were going to a 5th set the girls switched on and played with desperation to win it taking the set 28-26 winning the game 3-1

Division One Men lost to Reds 0-3

Drop one spot to 8th

The score does not reflect how close this game was. Every point was hard fought by both teams.
This week we were missing our Captain, our opposite hitter Cameron and still had Dylan due to return from bootcamp.
We brought up Xander and Tish to fill numbers and they played very well considering the pressure they were under. Thanks guys for committing to play at such short notice for an 8am game at Cockburn Arc.
Our setter Richi got us off to a 4 point lead with a run of jumpserves. The Reds followed suit after the sideout and reversed our lead. We eventually brought it back but were unable to hold the setpoint losing 22 - 25
Errors crept in during the 2nd set that the opposition took advantage of. We found ourselves rallying well but unable to close the points. Conceding 17 -25
The guys, I am proud to say, did not give up without a fight. We were under a lot of pressure from a very strong offence by the Reds, but were able to hold for half the set. A string of errors had us down 14 – 23 but with a series of great serves by Sam Goody, blocks from Tish and defence from the team, we came back to 23-24. Sadly, we were unable to finish it off with a 23-25 loss in the 3rd.
Best player today was Sam Goody for his 10 point toppie run that almost had us make an epic comeback and take the 3rd.

Division One Women lost to Reds 3-1

(25-23, 23-25,15-25,21-25)

Maintain top spot!

Not a game to be proud. Lots of mistakes from the beginning till the end. Good to show the importance of the commitment. First set started loosing by 10 points but managed to win. Next 3 sets was just trying focus in the game and manage the mental stress that was caused by the mistakes. Back to work next week to fix what need to be fixed and play the last game of the 1st round.

Division Two Men defeated Reds 3-2

Stay in 7th spot

The boys came out firing early in set one against a strong opponent in Reds. Strong hitting early from captain Harry paved the way for the way for a first set win. Set two unfortunately saw a small loss of composure early, and Reds got a run of serves that put us on the back foot. The boys fought well to make up some lost ground but unfortunately it was too little too late. Set 3 saw some exceptional blocking from middle blocker Tish, and some fantastic defensive scramble saw us take the third. The fourth set was hard fought but again Reds were able to get a run of points on their serves which proved too tough to come back.
The 5th set was a closely fought back and forth affair, with the lead constantly changing hands. Again, it was our fantastic scramble defence and a ability to transition to offence that made the difference, with a close 15-13 win in the final set. Everyone on the team filled their role brilliantly against a strong opponent, however best player goes to Tish for his incredible presence at the net both his blocking and big swings (including 3 blocks in a row and a roof kill, all in a single point against the Reds middle hitter)
Antonio's knee-slide celebration after a kill in the 3rd Set was another highlight moment!
Great work by the team today on a hard fought win
Coach Dan

Division Two Women defeated Reds 3-0

(25-15, 25-1725-19)

Stay in 4th spot

The girls showed great poise today by playing a solid and stable game that allowed me to try some different substitutions against a weaker opposition. It was great to see our team deliver the steady, structured plays that we have been working on as we overpowered the Reds team.
I was also able to leave our middles on in backcourt giving them excellent experience if we need to call on them in that role later in the season. Georgina served very well, with multiple aces in each set.

Division Three Men lost to Reds 1-3

Drop to 10th

Div 3 was against reds, who are high on the leader board compared to us, we lost 3-1 most sets were a close set with a few of the sets being only 2 points, I can't remember exact scores as its hard to make notes while also playing, the boys all played well and even when losing we kept our heads up, we struggled with our passes alot which got us into a bad rut when trying to receive some very decent serves. So we walked away with a goal for training which was good

Division Three Women defeated Reds 3-0

Stay in 6th spot

Div 3 girls versed reds today, the first set we won comfortably going 25-9 so in the second set we decided to get one of the players that has been training as a setter in and we went 25-23 but decide to let her keep setting so she could get comfortable and we took the 3rd set easily with 25-11

Division Four Men defeated Reds 3-1(25-13, 28-26,  20-25,  25-14)

Move one spot up to 3rd

First set was a breeze for the boys taking it out with numerous service runs and poor passing from the opposition, although they showed some potential in their offensive efforts. Set two Reds came back firing but after some small adjustments to block placement and defensive structure we started to pick everything they threw our way up. Despite this many errors made the set much closer than expected with the boys eventually taking it. Third set we came out the gate firing with a 6/0 lead which was then lost due to numerous unforced errors and a now dampened mood leading to a set loss, although there were a number of notable blocks from middle Tom Rear. Fourth set was similar to first they boys cleaned up their errors and were firing at the net with incredible offensive plays run by setter jaron and phenomenal hitting from Tom, Axel and Ryan all in combination with great defensive pickups and hustle from all players leading to a swift victory. Player of the match would be Jaron for his cool composed head throughout the whole game, and strong serving in addition to great defensive play and offensive decision making.

Division Four Women defeated Southern Cross 3-0

Stay undefeated and in top spot

This game was a good chance to gauge how much they have improved from the first week, as the first time they matched up against cross they had a hard fought 5 set win.
The girls have shown their growth throughout the season and had a comfortable 3-0 win. All aspects of the girls' game has improved; passing, setting, and hitting. The girls have also improved on their hustling and communication.
Player of the match is Chloe with her reliable serving today, forcing the opposition to call multiple time outs.

Division Five Men defeated Red 3-0

Stay in 6th spot


Division Six Men lost to Southern Cross 0-3

Stay in 11th spot, bottom of the ladder :(

Despite a 0-3 loss on the scoreboard, the result was far better than expected
The scores were close every set but they just couldn’t get ahead
As a fill in coach for today, i have seen such a massive improvement in the boys from the last time I coached them a few weeks ago. It is a testament to how hard they work each week and how well their coach is coaching them
The skills displayed today was way ahead of what I have previously seen
A standout player today for me was setter Cole Dearlove, who was consistent in his serve but also managed to pull off several setter dumps
All in all a very well rounded player
Coach Yasir


Player of the Week.

Well done to Sam Goody on Div1 Men with a run of 10 points from his top serves.

Player of the Week goes to Jaron from Div4 Men for his cool composed head throughout the whole game, and strong serving in addition to great defensive play and offensive decision making.

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