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Results from 24th July 2022

24th July SL+R Results.png
24th July Div div results.png

State League Men - Defeated Northern Stars 3-2

State League Women - Defeated UWA 3-0

SLW in control for almost all of 3 set win over UWA, keep our spot after this middle group of games, into a rematch vs UWA for Home Round on 6/8.

State League Reserves Men defeated Southern Cross 3-1

State League Reserves Women defeated Busselton 3-2

Division One Men lost to United 0-3

Division One Women defeated Southern Cross 3-2

One more time div1 won by 2. Tough game with highs and lows for both sides. We managed to finish the 4th set being behind the score and coming strong for the tiebreak. Hana was again really strong with her service and all the players had good hits. Kadri was still feeling a bit sick from COVID but played very well with good sets. SX was touching all balls and the defence was impeccable, so the POTW should go for all hitters that had the patience to find a good spot to make the point, but Holly today deserve it for finishing the game with a good cross hit.

Division Two Men lost to Southern Cross 0-3

Division Two Women lost to United 2-1

We went into this game a little too confident and with a last minute change to the line-up with one of our setters being sick, we couldn't settle in our serve reception and our passing let us down. United also ran alot of balls through the middle which further unsettled us until we got used to their style of play. We lost the first set 22-25. We changed to a 5-1 system in the second set but still couldn't shake off our bad start to the game and struggled to connect and communicate in the back court. Half way through the second set things started to fall into place and gel and it started getting a lot more comfortable on court and we started playing much better volleyball. Unfortunately we couldn't claw back the score deficit and lost the set 20-25. We started the third set well sticking with the same line-up. We won the third set 25-17 with some fabulous blocking by Bella and great serving runs. We ran out of time in the fourth set leading 21-19 and we definitely had the upper hand when time was called. A good wakeup call for the team to be more focused in the lead up to finals and not take wins for granted. There were still some fantastic plays and big positives that came out of the day and lots to continue to work on - both skills and mental strength. Best player for the day was our Libero Genie. Some fantastic defensive ups and effective scrambling. Although it wasn't our day for serve receive Genie led from the front in her effort and attitude and played a real captain's game.

Division Three Men lost to Southern Cross 1-3

Division Three Women lost to Southern Cross 1-3

Division Four Men lost to Southern Cross 0-3

This weeks game was a tough one to go into being down two key players and playing the top team who has dropped only a single set the whole season. Despite this the boys put in their best efforts. First set was a slow start for both teams but SX was first to fire up giving them an early run of points which led to a quick set. Second set had the boys a bit more lively starting out taking a lead which they held for the first half of the set, a run of mistakes lead the boys to lose confidence on court leading to another loss. Set 3 was another tough set for the team they started down but managed to claw back a number of points but struggled against the strong oppositions serves and scramble. Overall the guys didn’t play poorly by any means despite the score reflecting otherwise, many players stepped up their defensive plays and significant improvement can be seen since the beginning of the season. Tom Rear was player of the match stepping up his service and defensive game whilst maintaining a strong offensive presence too.

Division Four Women defeated Northern Stars Blue 3-0

Division Five Men Lost to Southern Cross 0-3

Division Six Men lost to Northern Stars Blue 1-3

The boys always struggle with 8am games. It takes them the first set to wake up which we can’t really afford. Lots of silly mistakes added up and cost them the game. We didn’t train due to the hall being unavailable and I unfortunately have been sick so I wasn’t quite my shouty self which was apparently “frightening” The third set we managed to get the pressure back on them with some better decision making. The boys need to focus on completing their skills properly. Joel was best player with some awesome blocks and defensive pick ups.

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