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Results from Round 3,
May 21st and 22nd 2022
(and Player of the Week)

State League Men Lost to Northern Stars 0-3

State League Women defeated ECU 3-0

State League Reserves Men defeated Northern Stars 3-1

We jumped out to big leads in the first two sets thanks to some amazing blocking and defence. As expected the Stars fought back but the team was up to the challenge winning comfortably in the fourth set. It was a great team effort, but Mitch Collins stood out with a great setting performance.

State League Reserves Women defeated Busselton 3-0

They played exceptionally well with the more experienced members stepping up and taking charge. The first set was point for point but we came out on top to take the first set. Second set starts and we go down 2-12 but some great serving and smart plays we came back to win the second 25-21. Third set comes and we get behind again but they just did it again with some amazing service pressure and fantastic defence. They won 3-0 and are now 2-1 for the season

Division One Men lost to Northern Stars 1-3

This week saw another shift in roster with 3 players out and 2 coming back from break. To make numbers we brought development player Tish up from DIV2 and he performed well throughout the game playing as the Opposite hitter. The team had an unsteady start finding themselves playing catchup for the set but unable to get the fire required to take the lead, losing 20-25. The second set started with a 6-point run of aces from setter Richi Samuel. This is what the team needed to gain confidence and they held the lead taking the set 25-21. The opposition turned things around in the 3rd, serving out the first 5 points and again we were playing catchup. The team found form and managed to get to a 21-19 lead, however a serious run of unforced errors saw us lose the 3rd 21-25. Unfortunately, the teams morale did not recover and although we managed to go point for point until 9 all, We seriously dropped the ball and allowed the opposition to wipe out the next 16 points to our 1 losing us the 4th set 10-25. This week, unforced errors, lack of energy and zero communication was too much for skill alone to overcome. We are looking forward to coming back strong for our game against ECU next week.

Division One Women defeated United 3-1

In the first set, we started off strong and didn't really give them a chance to regain themselves.
Second set, they were fighting a bit harder, but we were still leading comfortably and didn't drop off.
Third set, we played well, but the opponent was fighting super hard for every ball and therefore we were toe to toe the whole set. Both sides were fighting really hard and that unfortunate loss of point at the end tripped us up.
Forth set started with a bit of a drop off on our side, we were 2:9 behind at the start, but managed to regain ourselves and catch up. It was in no means an easy set to win. Both teams fought hard.

Division Two Men lost to Northern Stars 0-3

This week’s score does not reflect just how close this game was. The team started strong going point for point with the opposition. At 22 All, we made a couple of errors and lost the set 22-25. In the second set, our offence turned up the heat to take an early lead. The oppositions defence never gave up and, in the end, we started to make too many hitting errors. Unfortunately, as both teams passed the 20-point mark we made too many serve reception errors and lost the set 22-25. The 3rd set again saw our offence face off against a strong defence and though we played well we couldn’t quite get ahead eventually losing the set 21-25. The guys played well but just made a few too many errors at crucial times. Being only 3 games into the season, I am sure they will iron these issues out and be a tough team to beat moving forward.

Division Two Women lost to Northern Stars 1-3

Our inexperience as a team let us down today against a Northern Stars team that had been relegated to Div 2 after grading. Too many errors crept into our game as we struggled to gel together as a team and trust each other to look after the ball. We served strongly throughout the match but couldn't string together runs of points due mostly to communication errors in rallies. The positive from this match going forwards is that we will continue to grow and improve as a team and our success is in our control as we gain experience.

Division Three Men lost to Northern Stars 1-3

Our inexperience as a team let us down in this game against a Northern Stars, we made a lot of mistakes in our game as we struggled to come together as a team and trust each other to take care of the ball. We lost a lot of loot throughout the match and couldn't put together point sequences due mainly to miscommunication during rallies and our players were lost to receiving attacks and counterattacks. The good thing about this game going forward is that we will continue to grow and improve as a team and our success is in our control.

Also, I’d like to give recognition and props to Harry for stepping up and helping me coach aha he’s a natural at it

Division Three Women lost to Northern Stars 1-3

Div 3 women unfortunately lost 3-1 today but they put up a tough fight. They dropped the first set 22-25; it was a hard and close set and their opponents barely won it. The team bounced back in second set and took it with a strong 25-18 result. Unfortunately, the team fell in the next two sets. A lack of experience as a team was really highlighted in this game as there were many points to the other team from unforced errors happening on our side of the net.
However, one outstanding player of the game is Kate Fields, the middle blocker who was not only a wall that shut down their offence on multiple occasions but also went on multiple service ace runs throughout the game. Kate kept the energy up as best as she could and communicated to the team (and to the coaches) advice and encouragement.

Division Four Men defeated Murdoch 3-0

Division Four Women Bye

Division Five Men defeated Northern Stars 3-0

Division Six Men lost to Northern Stars 0-3


Player of the Week.

Mitch Collins stood out with a great setting performance in the Reserves Mens game.

Amy GIlbert from Div1 Women payed great consistent volleyball with good hits in important moments.

But this weeks Player of the Week goes to Olivia Botica from Reserves Women who stepped up and played out of her usual position and played really well there and put on some massive serving pressure.

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