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Results from 17th July 2022

17th July SL+R Results.png
17th July div results.png

State League Men - Defeated Fremantle 3-1

Had a shaky start against freo but settled the game and won the next three sets comfortably. Had a visit by Tom Heptinstall on our bench before he flies out for more Volleyroo action.

State League Women - Defeated Rossmoyne 3-1

SLW put in a sold performance on Sunday to beat Rossmoyne after losing their first match up earlier in the year. Captain Jackie Tamburri missed the first Raptors match up but was back in her setting role for this game, and spread the ball beautifully to the Cats strong offensive lineup. The Cats also welcomed Caitlin Whincup back from Silver at AJVC, with Caity in hitting herself into some form. The Cats ladies started strongly in the first two sets and never gave up a lead. But the third set saw Rossy bounce back with two early serving runs that put the Cats on the back foot. Despite being down, our Cats fought back and built some momentum at the end of third and almost stole the set from Rossmoyne, but rolled into the 4th with another strong showing and closed the match on four sets. The Cats ladies have a game vs UWA next week before the Collie bye to solidify their top position for the their last block of games on August.

State League Reserves Men lost to ECU 2-3

State League Reserves Women defeated Fremantle  3-0

Division One Men lost to ECU 1-3

Division One Women defeated ECU 3-0

With only 6 players and having our libero playing as a middle and Hana from div 4 destroying the ECU pass line, we finished one more game knowing where we want to be. A great game with fewer mistakes and always focused we couldn't give the opportunity to ECU play their game. Its important to mention each player today as a way to thank everyone. Chelsea had good sets and a good distribution. Mikayla did a great job in back court and also helped with some great settings. Holly had great services, strong pass and nice hitting. Amy today did a step forward, calling balls that she was not used to making it a differential in the game. Vien as always had a great back court game and tried her best to play as a middle. Hana our div 4 player as I mentioned had a really strong service, almost impossible for the opponent to pass. The POTW for today goes to Chelsea our Capitan who did a great job, always calm and showing tranquillity to everyone.

Division Two Men lost to ECU 0-3

Division Two Women defeated ECU 3-0

As the usual coach (Michelle) , captain (Eugenie), and setter (Georgina) was out for a variety of reasons, the girls, and boy coach (Byron), were a little out of their usual positions. The middles played full rotations and were passing in back row and had Caitlin setting again. We won the first set quite easily, but the last two sets were very close and had about 3 points between the teams each time. Serving from the northern end of the court at The Rise wasn’t great as there wasn’t much room but overall a solid win. Nomination for best player: Natalie – captained and set well.

Division Three Men lost to ECU 0-3

Set 1️⃣ - Lads started off with good communication on court, serve receive let us down which gave ECU a lead. 5 point service run from Joel got us back to 12/12, a mixture of unforced errors and a strong ECU offence, meant we lost the set 19-25.

Set 2️⃣ - Started off strong and had a great fight back from 3-6 down. Some great hustle got the lads back even with ECU. ECU got on a service run which forced a coaches time out at 14-19. The lads came out strong and gave a good fight back, but lost the set 20-25.

Set 3️⃣ - The team started off slow, service errors crept into our game, as well as service receive errors. Lack of communication meant we lost some easy points to a front court setter. Josh had a good service run which got the lads back in the lead 21-19, although ECU's offense was just too big for our smaller sized front court. The lads fought all the way to the end, leading to a nail biting 24-24, although our serve receive let us down again and we lost the set 24-26.


The lads ended the game in good spirits. Like most other teams, the Div 3 lads are dealing with people out injured and people being sick. I'm really proud of these lads, they showed determination and guts going up against the top team and giving it their all, and as a coach, I couldn't have asked any more of them. All the team did well today, so special mention goes to all the team and also the cheering squad on the sidelines.

Division Three Women lost to ECU 2-3

Division Four Men lost to ECU 1-3

Set 1 - strong start from the team with with a 25-19 win, as a result of strong defensive plays stopping the oppositions attacks. Set 2 - 24/26 loss, second set was hard fought between both sides, early in the set the boys were down a few points and struggled to pull them back until the very end. Set 3 - 25/27 loss, another close set which was lost due to unforced errors as a result of building pressure on their backs to take back the game. Set 4 - 23/25 loss. Final set of the match the team started strong taking a 6 point lead by half way though the set. After this they got unlucky with some unfavourable calls and service errors resulting in a loss of energy on court despite this they showed great mental fortitude and kept going until the end of a tight match the whole way through. Overall was an incredible game to watch, the guys performance in defence was the best all season with the opposition only getting a few strong hits in. The offence shown from our side was strong but not our best although I was particularly impressed by their ability to find and tip to gaps in ECUs defence. Player of the match goes to Andy Nguyen who subbed in as a pass hitter as we opted to run a 5-1 rotation to which he adapted very well getting the most kills and most consistent serve throughout the match.

Division Four Women defeated Northern Stars Black 3-0

Another strong performance from the players; they’re really coming together as a team and the chemistry is really showing Straight out of the gates we started strong, winning the set 25-8, again with strong service runs from most of the players Set 2 was an incredible victory of 25-5 within 10 minutes, and the girls and I were really proud of the effort, so we decided to switch things up in the third and give our secondary setter some experience We switched out the setter and also let the middles pass/hit for a set Big shout out to Zara Del Borrello who had to pretty much sit out the second set as a middle unfortunately, but came out strong as a pass hitter in the third set, ending the set with a brilliant kill down the line and through the double block

Division Five Lost to ECU 0-3

I (Wah Day) was fill in coach for the Div 5 Men's team today.

Set 1️⃣ - The team started off strong, although that pesky serve receive, lack of communication and service errors meant the team was behind the eight ball from the start. They finished strong, but just lost the set 23-25.

Set 2️⃣ - The team came out really strong, with a rotation change if put a bit more fire in the team. With great hustle, and multiple point service runs from Ulas and Baz, the team had a generous lead. Daniel was a beast at the net, with a combination of blocking and hitting he was on fire. The team relaxed a little and service errors crept in. The team had a lead of 9 points.... but due to a service run from ECU and unforced errors the team hemorrhaged their entire lead and lost the set 21-25.

Set 3️⃣ - With the loss of the previous set, the team had no momentum and started slow with errors such as; serving, serve receive, communication, hitting errors crept into the game. The team fought back with some good hustle, and a service run by Callum. Although, the damage had been done and ECU took the set and game 16-25 The team has the potential to be a good team, just need to work on consistency and communicating with each other. Stand out player today was Daniel, was really impressed by Daniel, his blocking, hitting and passing was head and shoulders above the rest of the team.  

Division Six had their first win of the season, defeating Rossmoyne in 5 sets!

3-2 nail biter against Rossy. The boys still need to work on their decision making in tight spots, occasionally letting their ego get the better of them 🥴 Super proud of the boys, aiming towards the back end of that learning curve now. Best player was Josh, back from 2 weeks away and served 6 in a row then 5 in a row. Solid ball control when we needed it too.

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