Results from Round 2, May 15th 2022

State League Men defeated Fremantle 3-0

The state league men lost Tom Heptinstall this week as he heads to Canberra to attend the Volleyroo VNL trials. Despite this big loss, the boys came out firing and played clean volleyball to put Freo away in straight sets. Huge congratulations to Seb Northmore and Kye McLaren for their State League debut and Matt Worthy and Ben Ramsey for a starting spot debut. Great performances by these up and coming stars!

State League Women defeated Southern Cross 3-0

We had 6 left and borrowed a Dev player. Lucky to have enough to fill most spots and except no libero and so our middles had to step up and pass.
The Cat's ladies still managed to take care of Southern Cross in straight sets and get out a bad Covid week.  We look forward to getting some players back just in time for our home round vs ECU this coming Saturday.

State League Reserves Men lost to Rossmoyne 2-3

The SLRM had a tough 5 set loss. We have taken a lot of positives out of the game. The team once again adjusted well to a range of player changes with three players out and two development players coming in. In parts we played amazing volleyball but in others we struggled and gave up easy points. As we progress we aim to develop more consistency in our game. All players played well but Jahuy was our best on court with an amazing blocking performance in the 3rd and 4th sets

State League Reserves Women defeated Fremantle 3-1

SLR women played Fremantle in their 2nd match of the season. Coivd left them a bit short handed with Tilly having to miss the match. Despite this, they came out with strong serving and consistent play to win set won. They lost a bit of momentum with a set 2 loss but re-grouped with some incredible hustle plays by setter Marie and libero Maree and aggressive attacking in the front row. The girls finished with a 4-1 win.

Division One Men lost to Rossmoyne 2-3

We went into his game knowing we had only 6 players and no subs. Our middle hitters were not available to play. It was clear our outside hitters had little experience in the position, particularly in hit and block timing. However, they committed to doing what’s best for the team and tried their best.

As we started the first set, this inexperience became apparent with Rossmoyne taking a 5-0 point lead. Our passing really shone thru with our setter having the options he needed to turn the set around. We ended up winning with perseverance and forcing errors from the opposition. (25-19)

We started the 2nd set with many unforced errors and again were facing an uphill battle. Though we fought back we could not close the gap. (20-25)

The 3rd set saw much stronger pressure from Rossmoyne who again took a 5-point lead. With strong passing and defence, we took back the lead and managed to take the set 25-20

In the 4th set we again started with a 5-point deficit and had to climb uphill to get it back. The team fought hard and had chances, but it was not to be with Rossmoyne taking the 4th with only 3 minutes left on the clock. 18-25

In the 5th set we had many chances that we did not capitalize on, and as such, Rossmoyne managed to get 2 points ahead of us and take the set. (5-3)

This was a match decided in the last 10min. My guys fought hard, but the opposition fought harder.
Considering the strange rotations and players having no experience in the middle, I am very happy with how the guys performed. All players demonstrated their commitment to the team without complaint.
Unlucky guys. Don’t forget we all learn more from a loss than from a win.
Best player – Dylan Almeida with his clutch attacks and getting the shovel out to pick up defensive  balls in order to give us a 3rd set win."

Division One Women defeated Rossmoyne 3-0

With Kate and Mikayla out, Vienn played as a middle and helped the team organising the back court. First 2 sets with some mistakes that can be fixed during the season. Third set we went strong and had no mistakes till 20 points where we relaxed and let them make 5 points in a row. Again, nice work as a team and a really good job from Kadri, even with her lower back in pain she did nice settings and services.

Division Two Men defeated Red Junior 3-2

With a few players out this week this team really showed its adaptability starting with only 6 players while waiting for a team-mate to finish coaching a game at another venue. Taking the first set with libero Matt who stepped into a passer hitter role the team gelled quickly on the back of some solid serving.
Once our seventh player arrived for the second set and we had our standard rotation Matt really showed his value as a libero getting some huge defensive ups against a big hitting Reds team. We lost the second set 28-26 after coming back from 2024 down thanks to some fantastic serving by Anthony Wah Day.
After that narrow set loss we changed up our rotation and the boys stormed ahead winning the next two sets. Stand out performances by Matt and Anthony to help bring home the win today. Great serving from everyone and a great team fighting spirit.

Division Two Women defeated Rossmoyne 3-0

It was a crushing 3-0 victory for the Cats who controlled the game throughout with strong serving, great blocking and great team energy for the whole match.

Division Three Men lost to Rossmoyne 1-3

Did well for the new team, with just 5 regular players with 1 fill in Axel (a stronger pass hitter from Div4). Because our other 5 players, unfortunately, got COVID so we lost our strategy.
So, no subs.  We worked well together. Thanks, Damon taking the captain/co-coach. Everyone was happy to try a new position. we won the first set 25x19 and we started winning the second but at the end of the second set, Rossmoyne played better than us, we lost 27x29. 

On the other hand, we did our best in the next game we will do much better.

Division Three Women win by forfeit by Rossmoyne

Division Four Men defeated Rossmoyne 3-1

The team fought against every challenge and obstacles in their way to victory: missing players, players coming on court from back to back games, a new 5-1 rotation, a comback from a scrabbled loss in the 2nd set, and an absent coach. Ryan Kyuu (team captain) keeping the team moral high and consistent game play, Jaron stepping up to become the sole setter and Axel Owen showing amazing skill on the net with some unstoppable spikes.

Division Four Women defeated ECU Red 3-2

Div 4 women only had two girls from their original roster. With fill ins from div 3 and junior league, the first set showed they were very evidently uncomfortable with the new rotation and players, losing 25-8. Once the girls were accustomed to their positions, they quickly gained chemistry with their team mates and took the next two sets. The girls dropped the 4th set, however, they kept their energy and intensity into the 5th set and managed to win 16-14. Notable players were Francesca and Kate for having amazing serving runs that kept the team's morale up.

Division Five Men lost to Rossmoyne 2-3

Did well for the new team, just 3 regular players with 3 fill in. Worked well together. Thanks Martin taking the captain/setting roll. Everyone was happy to try the new position. Reallly good come back when 1 set behind. Unfortunately, couldn't finish the 5th set and lost by 2 points.

Division Six Men lost to Rossmoyne 0-3

The boys lost 3-0 to rossmoyne this arvo but the sets were very tight! It’s the first game of volleyball a lot of our team members had ever played competitively and nerves got the better of us today.
Joel Bendotti was consistently directing the team in the game today with some amazing calls and pick ups and helping the team of 5+1 with their positions and keeping morale high.
Overall very proud of the boys. Should beat rossy next time we meet. Great first game of the season

Player of the Week.

Firstly we'd like to recognize Chihiro Yasuda for her Cats/WAVL/Australia debut for SLW. She arrived Weds back from Japan and took the court without having trained with us for several weeks, stepped onto court as an MB with no libero and so was asked to pass and did an awesome job all around in her first game!

But player of the week goes to Kye Mclaren. This is his debut state league season. He didn’t see the court last week but with Tom Heptinstall away, he was given a starting spot opportunity and stepped up to the challenge. He has been a long time supporter of the club, has made his way up playing in divisions and now all the way onto the State League team and it is great to see his patience and eagerness to learn pay off. Kya is also coaching the State League Reserves Women's team so a hugely valuable asset to the club. Congrats to Kye on an awesome debut performance.