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Here are some frequently asked questions about Balcatta Volleyball Club or volleyball/WAVL in general.

How much does it cost to play with Balcatta Volleyball Club?


To attend trials is $40. You can attend as many trials as you want.
Season fees are in 2 components, Game Fees and Club Fees.
Club Fees for everyone is Season 2023 is $275.
Game Fees for State League and Reserves is $388
Game Fees for Divisions is $316.
Payments can be made through the shop


What if I can only attend one trials session?
The selectors will do their best to evaluate your performance at the one session but it can be difficult. Please let the coach know if you can not attend both trials. 


What if I don't get placed onto a team after the trials I attend?


You're invited to attend the next trials to try for a spot in a lower division. You do not have to pay again.

Definition of a 'round' for WAVL competition.
As an example if a player was to play on Saturday in a State League Match (Home Round) can they then play on Sunday (same weekend) in the club's State League Reserve Match.

A round is considered a day of competition therefore making Saturday and Sunday different “rounds”.
Therefore the example situation is allowed with an athlete playing State League on the Saturday and State League Reserves on the Sunday.
NOTE: In these situations, players qualify for finals with the team they play the most games for.


Does the club reimburse players for completing their reffing course? 

Yes definitely. The club will reimburse you the full amount for your Level 1 and 50% of Level 2. Send your receipt to


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