Balcatta Volleyball Club Covid Information

The 2022 season is already being affected by Corona Virus positive cases and Balcatta Volleyball Club takes the health of its members very seriously. To date we have not had a transmission within the club thanks to everyone's efforts so far so let's keep that up please.


We definitely encourage everyone to sanitize at the start and end of training sessions, even at moments during the session where possible. Teams will have an appointed player responsible for sanitizing balls with wipes at the beginning and end of training. Masks are strongly encouraged except when playing.


Whenever we are notified of a positive case we email all people that have been in contact with that case. Emails are sent to everyone and coaches will also send notice via group chat. That positive case will of course not be able to attend any training or games for 7 days and must test negative to rejoin.

When is someone a close contact and do I need to isolate?

Volleyball WA and WA Government regulations deems a close contact to be 'a person who has interacted with someone with COVID-19 during their infectious period.' A close contact can be:

covid close contact icons.jpg

With these guidelines in mind a 2hr training session or game can potentially make all players a 'close contact'. Hence wearing masks as much as possible can help reduce the exposure time.


Masks should definitely be worn while not on the court.

More information can be found at the wa.gov.au site here.