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Results from 27th/28th August 2022

27 28 Aug SL+R Results.png
27 28 Aug Div div results.png

State League Men defeated UWA 3-1

State League Women defeated Rossmoyne 3-1

Cats SLW got it done for the last game of the season. Rossmoyne needed a set to make finals and they stole the first with some strong serving early. But the Cats ladies settled in and managed to muscle back the 2nd and 3rd. But by the the 4th the Cats ladies had taken over, and after a huge block from Opposite Holly Shorter, the Cats ladies took care of the 4th 25-11.
The State League Women were excited to finish a strong season having only dropped one game in the regular season, but are all business and focused on their first final next weekend.

Coach Aaron.

State League Reserves Men defeated UWA 3-1

State League Reserves Women defeated ECU 3-0

Division One Men lost to UWA 2-3

Division One Women defeated UWA 3-0 (25-11, 25-13, 25-16)

Didn't work today. The girls knew what to do, they went there and play with all respect, no time wasted. 1 hour of a great job. Beautiful serves from Amy and Holly, great pass line with Vien in the command of the back court, a pristine settings from Chelsea finishing with unreachable hittings from all of our hitters. The POTW today goes to Amy, couldn't count how many points she did between services and hittings, closing the game with a perfect hit on the line.

Division Two Men defeated UWA 3-2

Division Two Women defeated UWA 3-2

We finished the season as minor premiers!!! Congratulations team!! This week was a top of the ladder confrontation with 1 (us) vs 2(uwa). It is never a dull game against UWA and this game was no exception. We had a little bit of reshuffling to do in Set 1 as a few players were suffering niggling injuries and minor illness which meant our regular line-up wasn't working at its usual best. We still played well though and only narrowly lost the first set 22-25. After reassessing everyone's condition, we went with a new lineup with Nat setting 5:1 and Sasha opposite and this immediately started to give results. The flexibility of this team in its ability for players to fill the roles necessary is just outstanding and a real credit to the skill and resilience of the players. We settled into our new rotation smoothly and took control of the set winning 25-18. We continued on strong form in the third set, but a few more errors, particularly service errors, crept into our play, making the scoreline closer than it should have been. There was some great sideout volleyball all through the third set until a serving run and some solid play took UWA from being 14-17 down to 20-18 up. The game was tight and the tension high when Sasha stepped up to the service line at 21-22 down. She kept her head in the high pressure situation and served some cracking serves, even with UWA calling a desperate timeout to shake her, but she brought home the set 25-22. Here is where it gets interesting. With 20 minutes left to play (in my mind just enough time to demolish the opposition with our classy play), the fire alarm goes off at Cockburn ARC and the whole complex is evacuated. We go out into the cold and wait for the firefighters to let us back in. Noone is really keen to start playing again after getting cold at 6pm on a Sunday night, and seeing as the result will not change places on the ladder, UWA graciously offered that we finish our game then and not restart the match so everyone could go home. So we won the match (in strange circumstances) and we will meet each other again next week in the first Semi-Final to see who progresses straight to the big GF. Fingers crossed our next game has no more 'interesting' surprises 🙂

Division Three Men lost to UWA 0-3, drop out of playoffs :(

Division Three Women lost to UWA 0-3


Division Four Men defeated UWA 3-0

Division Four Women defeated UWA 3-0

Division Five Men defeated UWA 3-1

Division Six Men lost to ECU White 1-3

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