Balcatta Olympics

Congratulations to "Team China" (Brendan Buckley, Kate Buckley, Todd Hatfield, & Mitch Collins) for winning the Balcatta Olympics on Wednesday night. The relatively small amount of participants had a great night, and picked up some substantial prizemoney thanks to Balcatta's strong financial position at the moment. The Wednesday night Social Competition is doing well, so Balcatta decided it would give something back to the members by rewarding those who came along and enjoyed the event. These nights take a lot of organising (particular thanks go to Craig Petersen and Summar Grant) so it was great to see how much everyone enjoyed the evening. "Team China" had the best overall score for the events, which included Blind Volleyball, Dodgeball, Fitball Shot-put, M&M Chopsticks, Vertical Leap, and some other weird game where you run around putting a talking cup on top of marker cones! Runners up were "Team Australia", followed by "Team Switzerland" with "Team USA" in last place.

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