Club History

Balcatta Volleyball Club was formed in 1995 out of the amalgamation of the now defunct Eureka Volleyball Club, and players from Balcatta Senior High School, which used to be a feeder for junior players. Since joining the Perth Volleyball League (PVL) in 1995, the Balcatta Volleyball Club has become one of the State's strongest clubs and now boasts more than 100 members with teams in all PVL grades.

In 2007 Balcatta aimed to go one better and win the prestigious mens Superleague premiership and further boost its womens division, which had its best season in 2006 since dominating the PVL in the late 1990s. This was the case with the womens team having a competitive season finishing fourth, while the Mens Superleague had their breakthrough win at the final hurdle, taking out the Superleague premiership.

In 2008, Balcatta's aim was to push on and for the first time since 2005 take out the VWA Club Championship award. The bid to do this was aided by the introduction of a strong feeder program for junior womens athletes via our new partners Greenwood Senior High School. The season finished in style with Balcatta winning three of the four contested Mens divisions, including the Superleauge men yet again. In addition, Balcatta teams finished in the finals of the top three womens divisions. Balcatta was crowned Champion Club 2008, just missed out in 2009, and won Champion Club again in 2010 and 2011.

YearPresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
2013 Mitchell Collins Brendan Buckley Kate Buckley Holly Shorter


Mitchell Collins Brendan Buclkey Holly Shorter Tim Wilkins


Aaron Leung

 Mitch Collins & Brendan Buckley

 Kate Buckley Tim Wilkins
2010 Louisa Kinnear Tim Wilkins Kate Buckley Marty Bertuleit
2009 Louisa Kinnear Tristan Jones Kate Buckley Marty Bertuleit
2008 Louisa Kinnear Tristan Jones Kim Ellwood Marty Bertuleit
2007 Louisa Kinnear   Kim Ellwood Marty Bertuleit
2006 Russell Hampton   Louisa Kinnear Marty Bertuleit
2005 Russell Hampton   Louisa Kinnear Marty Bertuleit
2004 Russell Hampton   Louisa Kinnear Misty Forrest
2003 Russell Hampton   Sharon Mottolini Misty Forrest
2002 Russell Hampton Gretchen Boughton Sharon Mottolini Rachel Lewis
2001 Russell Hampton Gretchen Boughton Melanie Robertson Danielle Francis
2000 Russell Hampton   Gretchen Boughton Melanie Robertson
1999 Russell Hampton   Melanie Robertson  
1998 Mandy Combes      
1997 Mandy Combes      
1996 Mandy Combes      
1995 Les Menezes      

Life Members

  • Russell Hampton (awarded 2006)
  • Marty Bertuleit (awarded 2011)
Most Valuable Players
YearMaleFemaleMost Outstanding Junior
2012 Josh Court Tenille Ryan Shelby Maher
2011 Michael Ruggiero Celine Haederli Clairece Hill
2010 Paul Prindiville Tenille Ryan Tenille Ryan
2009 Paul Prindiville Elise Chapman Kate Ganz


Paul Prindiville Jenny Day Tenille Ryan
2007 Michael Prindiville Jenny Day Michael Prindiville
2006 Paul Prindiville Elise Chapman James Clinch
2005 Paul Prindiville Jenny Day Michael Snart
2004 Paul Prindiville Kim Ellwood Jenny Day
2003 Paul Prindiville Gretchen Boughton Paul Prindiville
2002 Russell Hampton Misty Forrest Michael Locke
2001 Anthony Brown Karola Englert Paul Prindiville
2000 Dom Laventure Michelle Snook Brendon Robertson
1999 Anthony Brown   Brendon Robertson
1998 Dom Laventure   Claire Merenda
1997 Dom Laventure   Claire Merenda
1996 Dom Laventure   Richie Branderhorst
Best Club Person, Coaches and Officials
YearBest Club PersonCoach of the YearOfficial of the Year
2012 Brendan Buckley Nick Terpsis Brendan Buckley
2011 Mitchell Collins Mitchell Collins Brendan Buckley
2010 Tenille Ryan John Borszeky Brendan Buckley
2009 Mitchell Collins Mitchell Collins Brendan Buckley
2008 Aaron Leung Aaron Leung Brendan Buckley
2007 John Sewell John Ricciardi Tristan Jones
2006 Louisa Kinnear Brendan Chapman Amy Wyle
2005 John Steynjes Paul Blackford Amy Wyle
2004 Russell Hampton    
2003 Russell Hampton    
2002 Steve Petsos    
2001 Danielle Francis    
2000 Mandy Combes    
1999 Sue Robertson    
1998 Russell Hampton    
1997 Les Menezes    
1996 Linda Woo    
2012 Division 1 Men, Division 1 Women, Division 2 Men
2011 Superleague Women, Division 1 Men, Division 2 Women, Division 2 Men
2010 Division 1 Women, Masters Men, Division 2 Men, Division 2 Women
2009 Masters Men, Division 2 Men, Division 3 Men, Division 3 Women, Division 4 Women
2008 Superleague Men, Division 2 Men, Division 3 Men, Masters Men
2007 Superleague Men, Division 3 Women
2006 Division 1 Men, Division 2 Women, Division 3 Men
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